Overview - Food Safety Consultancy, Support and Training

Whether you are just starting up, have reached the point where you want to progress to certification against one of the standards, or have been certificated for some time and have “dropped a grade”, we have the knowledge, skill and experience to help you.

If you are not sure whether we do what you need, please ask - we probably do it, or we know someone who does. We find it is not possible to cover everything in a way that people would want to read.

Our aim is always to help you get where you want to be with as little fuss as possible - and not to change what does not need changing.

How we work

It is too easy to assume you want what we think you do - so we start by discussing what you really need. This costs you nothing but a few minutes of your precious time.

Often, our next step is to visit your premises to conduct a gap audit - to find out what needs to be done to reach your goal. This may not always be necessary, so we don’t waste your time and money if it isn’t.

Whenever possible, we use our own tried and tested tool for completing the gap audit – a paperless form system we call Prove It Forms. This has advantages for both of us – we can make sure we cover everything we need to, and it generates a report based on what we enter, so it saves time and expense.

Based on our report, or our initial discussion, we agree a programme of action with you - tailored to fit all your needs.

Then, when you give us the go-ahead, we get on with the work. Where there are intermediate targets to hit, we agree them with you before progressing to the next.

Implementation of the systems we develop with you often involves some training. We usually know in advance what training is needed and we include it in our proposals to you, but we sometimes find gaps in skills or knowledge which require addressing. We discuss these with you and develop a training plan which can be completed by yourselves, by a third party, or by us.

We use every available tool to ensure we cover all you need, from the humble pencil and paper through to our own ground-breaking online document management system – FactFiles. If it is appropriate, we use it; if it is not, we don’t waste your money.

The results

We work with you rather than doing it for you - so the end product is yours more than ours. That is important, because showing your commitment demonstrates your intentions better than anything we can create.

Before we finish, we make sure you understand your own systems fully and that your staff know how to do things properly. The systems have to be there, but it is the implementation that shows their value.

But we don’t just leave it there. We check with you later that it is working and that you are happy with it. If we have not done what we agreed to do, we put it right.

We also prefer to maintain our relationship with you - either informally, or by continuing to maintain the systems we have helped you develop and implement. Either way, we try to keep you informed about things that may affect your operation - like new legislation or new discoveries.

As our business has developed, we have found that supporting our clients after implementation of their food safety and food quality systems occupies us more than the development and implementation itself.

We have also developed a reputation for successfully rescuing businesses from what they have seen as disasters – dropping standards, failures in performance, reduction in grades awarded at audits. Whilst to our client this is a setback, to us it is a challenge that gives us a great deal of satisfaction when we turn it round.

Our track record is second to none, probably because we don’t aim for our own goals - we aim for yours.

  • "Food Care Solutions helped us regain our A grade in the BRC Global Standard for Food Safety and has continued to support us with training, advice and internal auditing, keeping our grade where we want it and making sure we can satisfy customer requirements."

    Jeremy Keable

    Managing Director Alexir Co-Packers

  • "Food Care Solutions have done all our technical management for a number of years, taking us from a small, developing company through to a competitor on the international stage. We could not manage without them."

    Sheldon Flax

    Managing Director and Founder Italian Beverage Company

  • "Food Care Solutions have helped us develop from a fairly small, local supplier to local restaurants into an approved and expanding, first-call supplier to the restaurant and catering community in our whole region, with a Gold Standard rating in the NSF Due Diligence standard. Our customer base includes some of the most well-known restaurants in the Cotswolds and beyond."

    Keith Blundell

    Finance and Compliance Director New Wave Seafood and New Wave Fine Foods

  • "Food Care Solutions have provided us with help and guidance for several years, steering us through the complexities of the BRC Storage and Distribution standard and continuing to support us with internal audits and improvements to our food safety and quality management systems."

    Martin Hewitt

    Operations Director HE Payne (Transport) Ltd